1 to 1 Sessions

Suitable for 8-16-year-olds

We run three different types of 1 to 1 Sessions:
- General Sessions (All Positions)
- Goalkeepers 8-16 Years
- Goalkeepers 16+ Years 

The University of Nottingham, David Ross Sports Village, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Our coaches travel regularly and we do run 1 to 1 Sessions at different venues. If you would like to discuss a different location please Click Here to Contact Us



The big difference with 1 to 1s is YOU get to contribute to the content of the session prior to arrival so these sessions are bespoke for you.

Whatever your current level, whether you are an outfield player or a GK, once you are booked our coaches will be in touch to check out what you need and choose the coaching aids that will maximise the use of the session.

  • Focus on a particular technical skills gap, update or refresh a skill, reinforce individual techniques or tactics or try something completely new under the close eye of a top MT13 coach
  • Challenge yourself with our range of coaching aids including Rebound Walls, 3D skill hurdles, Goal Banners, Tango Interactive Touch Screen (analysis), Drone, Ball Machine and Heavy Hockey Balls to enhance your development 
  • Benefit from the latest thinking and technical developments in the game and you will be encouraged to reflect on your own skill set and map out next steps along your hockey journey
  • Receive feedback via a report card on completion of the session