1. A-Z of Core and Advanced Skills - This e-book provides a complete guide on how to coach core and more advanced skills

2. Progressive Drills to Develop Core Skills - This e-book shows how drills can be progressed to aid the learning of 33 selected and advanced skills 

3. 101 Shooting Drills - This e-book covers shooting drills for individual, small Unit and team Groups and incorporates 101 different shooting drills. 

4. Letters and Shapes to aid Ball Control- This e-book looks at using different letters and shapes to aid touch and feel and simplifies these skills for younger players that may be new to hockey.

5. Conditioned Games - This e-book illustrates different conditioned games that will help develop players skills and tactical considerations 




1. Attacking in the Final Third - This e-book looks at arguably the biggest development in hockey over recent years – attacking in the final third.

2. Penalty Corners - This e-book provides an insight to both aspects of the short corner; attack and defence.

3. Fitness Related Training Drills - This e-book looks at incorporating fitness into training drills, to maximise players time on the pitch 

4. Playing the 5-3-2 Formation -This e-book looks at how to implement the playing formation 5-3-2; familiarising coaches and players alike with the roles and responsibilities of each player within the formation

5. The Art of Defending - This e-book looks at how to combat recent developments in attacking play



£13.99 for each eBook

£59.99 for 5 eBook

£109.19 for 10 eBook