Suitable for  14 - 17 year olds (GKs and Outfield Players)  


  • University of Nottingham (New Year) 3RD - 5TH JANUARY 2024 
    Update 29 Dec 2023:  We have now opened a waiting list for this residential. Please email info@mt13.co.uk if you would like to join us and we will do our best to make this possible.
  • Repton School (Easter)  8TH- 10TH APRIL 2024 
  • Bisham Abbey (Summer) 7TH - 9TH AUGUST 2024
  • Repton School (Summer) 21ST - 23RD AUGUST 2024 

Price includes full board from each day for residents and lunch only for non-residents on all days.
Depending on the accommodation, parents will be asked if there is another player their own child would like to request to be roomed with or next to.  We send out a data capture form roughly 6 weeks before the residential to request this information.  For bookings made within 6 weeks of the residential starting, please note that rooming is done on a first come basis.
Outdoor Pitch Contents - The camps are designed to improve players’ technical skill and tactical understanding through a mixture of game play and drills.  We use our own technical lab where players will have their technical ability assessed against four predetermined skills.


The Elite Residential Camps will also incorporate 11v11 game play.

Position Specific Drills for GK, defenders, midfielders (incl. screens) and forwards - improving players knowledge and effectiveness in their positions.


  • Team management in deep defence
  • Different options for combating penalty corner attack routines
  • Technical development
  • Mastering Talent Academy defence vs Talent Academy attack
  • Effective shuffle strategies
  • 2nd phase saves


  • Outletting with a Back 3, Back 4 and Back 5
  • Developing passing techniques to enable players to play short and long passes both on the floor and on the air.


  • How to play screens effectively
  • Options when playing a diamond through midfield
  • Forwards:
    • Understanding different presses
    • Roles and responsibilities when possession is in the final third

Up to two presentations will be delivered throughout the three days. These may include the following titles:

  • Tactical considerations for the 11 a side format of the game
  • How to execute penalty shuffles effectively
  • Transition out of possession
  • Transition into possession
  • Penalty corner attack & defence
Quantifiable Analysis

We have developed a range of quantifiable tests that allow us to produce meaningful results which can then be developed over a period of time. On the Elite camp we will measure;

  • Sprint scores for 5m, 10m and 30m with and without the ball
  • Speed of ball carry
  • Passing and receiving in a given period of time
Development Plans & Hudl Accounts
From 4 - 6 weeks after the camp players will be given a development plan highlighting an area of growth from the coaches’ observation throughout the three days. In addition to this, a clip of each player will be loaded onto hudl and annotated so they have reference points to review.