We are excited to introduce several brand new offerings to assist in Lockdown 3.0


We are excited to introduce our Remote Day Camps for the February half term 2021. The global pandemic continues to play havoc with our lives and here at MT13 we are trying to provide some consistency as we navigate the challenges that Covid-19 brings.

Starting on Monday 15th through to Friday 19th we will be offering 3 Day Camps (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) and 1 Elite Day Camp (Thursday). All will be delivered remotely.

All camps will follow a structure of 18 minute rotations followed by a 2 minute drinks break before the next rotation.



Players will be grouped into nations before the camp and will take part in a variety of competitions throughout the day to decide on the winning nation. Players in the winning nation will all receive a prize.

The Day will consist of…

Morning Session

Registration 9.50-10am supported by Stick and Ball Skill School

Rotations include:

Warm Up – lockdown 3.0 specific warm up

Lower Body Workout – Incorporating ball movement in to a lower body workout

Ball Mastery - Letters and shape to aid ball control

Keep Up Challenge – Let’s get some fresh air outside

2D Eliminations – How to beat the opponent by keeping the ball on the floor

Passing Techniques – Walk throughs of how to execute the perfect technique

Afternoon Session

Stick & Ball Skill School

Rotations include:

Hockey Circuits – Repetitions will include: Stick and ball, physical work followed by recovery, repeat…

3D Eliminations – How to beat the opponent by lifting the ball

Game Play – Online tactical analysis

Each Day will conclude with a Q&A Session with a current GB International

Price: £25 / Day



Players will be sent a pre-camp questionnaire and during the camp will be set tasks based upon the results from the questionnaire. There will also be breakout rooms to discuss various topics.


The Day will consist of...

One and a half hour webinar from Max Caldas, the current coach of The Netherlands men's team discussing:

1. Would you encourage players to go and play hockey abroad in another country?
2. a) What do you look for in players as a National selector?
    b) What are some of the things that would make a player not get selected?
3. What skill set do you think is important to have to make it to the next level?
4. Looking back on your playing career, what would you have done differently?
5. How important is video analysis from a team and individual perspective?
6. How big is the step up from u18 hockey to senior hockey and what does it take to make this transgression easier?


Captains and Leadership Groups – Considerations that influence your choice of tactics

Game Management – What do we do to protect a lead….

Game Management - What do we do to get back into a game…

Game Management - How to turn deep defence into successful counter attacks

3D Elimination - How to beat the opponent by lifting the ball

Hockey Circuits – Repetitions will include: Stick and ball, physical work followed by recovery, repeat…

Passing Techniques – Detailed Analysis of how to execute the perfect technique

Price: £45


The Daily Dose provides you with your dose of hockey for 25 minutes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Live streamed from 12.50-13:15. It will also be recorded and shared to those who can't be present for the live event.

Matt Taylor will be demonstrating a variety of skills live that players can practice in the comfort of their own home. Ensuring players technical ability is enhanced during lockdown 3.0.

Each week we will release a Weekly Task Card for players to complete at home. There will also be a weekly prize draw for the chance to win the MT13 Grizzlies Playing Strip (1 strip per week). 



The Classroom offers players a weekly 45 minute long tactical session with Matt Taylor.

Matt will cover 4 key tactical considerations each week and players can choose their preferred period (3 periods to choose from). Providing you with the tactical knowledge to grow your game ready for end of lockdown 3.0.

Classroom size (number of students) is limited to allow Q&A.


The Analysis Suite offers players the opportunity to self-assess therefore highlight key areas of growth and use the Lockdown 3.0 as an opportunity to develop their overall game rather than stand still.

Upon registering players will be sent a self-assessment Questionnaire. The findings will allow the MT13 Coaches to write a 4 week development plan aimed at improving players technical skill, tactical understanding, physical capability and psychological development.

Players will be sent weekly task cards and asked to film specific technical sessions. Techniques will be analysed using the Analysis suite Hudl and players will be invited for a 20 minute weekly zoom call to discuss their growth areas.


Prices for the Daily Dose, The Classroom and The Analysis Suite include all 4 weeks


For enquires please email info@mt13.co.uk