Capacity: 13 Players 

Age Range: 10-17 year olds 

Mentored by Chris Hibbert (Ex-South African International Goalkeeper and double Olympian).



This latest initiative - 13 Goalkeepers & 1 Mentor! 

Project 13 Includes: 

  • Monthly 1 to 1 Sessions 
  • Individual Training Plans 
  • MT13 Player Assessment 
  • Training with the appropriate University Squads
  • Match Analysis 
  • Coached by the Best
  • Training Diaries
  • Hudl Video Account 
  • GPS Monitoring 
  • Elite Training Sessions 
  • Project 13 Training Shirts 


1 to 1 Sessions 

There will be twelve 1 to 1 sessions a year. 


Individual Training Plans 

6 Training Plans; one for each phase of the season. Each Training Plan will be bespoke to the player and will be written and analysed by Maddie Pearce. Players will be asked to submit their training and match timetable 2 weeks before the start of that block. Training plans will then be devised in conjunction with those timetables. 


MT13 Player Assessment 

New to 2020/21 season is the MT13 player assessment. The player assessment analyses players' technical ability, physical strength, psychological capability and tactical understanding. At the end of the test, half a day, players will receive their MT13 Score (out of 100) and a report highlighting areas for growth. These growth areas will then be the focus for 1-1 training sessions, video analysis and the individual training plans. 


Train with the University of Nottingham Teams 

A key component to growth is ‘stretch’. As part of Project 13 players will be able to train with the relevant university squad. 


Match Analysis 

Twice a year players can send in a video of their games or training to be analysed. The analysis will then be shared with their club/ school coach as well as the player to aid their development. 


Coached by the Best

Have the opportunity to be coached by one of the leading coaches from around the world. MT13’s Annual Conference is delivered by world leaders. Part of their schedule will be to deliver a 2 hour coaching session exclusively to Project 13 players. 


Training Diaries 

Each player will receive an MT13 player dairy to complete. Player diaries will be reviewed every quarter by Matt during individual player meetings. 


Hudl Video Account 

Players will be given their very own Hudl Video. Account. On each account, we will store players' analysis clips and relevant clips which will be used for their development. 


GPS Monitoring 

Players will be issued with a GPS vest and Tracking Unit 6 times a season so we can analyse Load, Sprinting Distances, Heat Map and Distance Covered to then be able to write detailed training programmes 


Elite Training Sessions 

The 2020/21 Season sees the return of the Elite Training Sessions for 14-17 year olds. Players on Project 13 will be invited to 4 Elite Sessions free of charge


Project 13 Training Shirts 

Players will be given 2 Project 13 training shirts


Venue for 1 to 1s: Nottingham Hockey Centre
6th December 2020
3rd January 2021
7th February 2021
7th March 2021
4th April 2021
2nd May 2021
6th June 2021
4th July 2021
1st August 2021
5th September 2021
3rd October 2021
7th November 2021


Price: £159 per month

* First month's payment at time of booking, followed by 11 monthly instalments on the 1st of each month. Payments will need to be made by bank transfer. 

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