Our Roadshow is aimed at players, aged 11-16, and coaches of youth teams in either clubs or schools.


Players will be divided into working groups, each group containing no more than 14 players. Working groups will spend 20-25 minutes with each presenter learning the different coaching points before moving on to the next presenter.

Coaches will either be in 2 formal tutorials and or shadowing the players observing the various technical and tactical considerations being delivered by the Roadshow presenters.

Practical content for players: 

  • Effective use of 3D Skills
  • The art of defending in 1v1 scenarios
  • Developing advanced skills such as backhand hits and aerial balls
  • Effective creation and execution of 2v1 Play
  • Space creation in the tight
  • How to Drag Flick
  • Conditioned game play to develop better tactical play

Coaches Content:


  • How to fast track players
  • Planning sessions that cater for all levels
  • Tips and tricks to improve technical play
  • 10 Conditioned games to develop better tactical awareness
  • Modern formations for the 7- a- side and 11- a- side versions of the game
  • Video analysis and how to incorporate this into player briefings



£30 for Players (11-16 years old)

£45 for Coaches;  £80.00  for 2 coaches £100 for 3 Coaches


Dates and Venues

12th September 2018 @ King Edwards VI School, Wilton Road, Southampton, SO15 5UQ TBC

with Matt Taylor, Crista Cullen, Jamie Cachia



We are adding more venue – these will follow



The presenters  for each venue will change