The University of Nottingham

MT13 has teamed up with the University of Nottingham. The University hosts many of our player camps and coach education courses at their inspirational facilities including the £40 million David Ross Sports Village.


Osaka Hockey

MT13 is the UK distributor for Osaka Hockey. Osaka brings Premium Design, Technology, Performance and Inspired Collections across the world of field hockey. The brand adds a touch of cool fashion to hockey. It aims to transform field hockey into a real lifestyle.



Tango Sports


Tango Sports

MT13 has teamed up with Tango Sports enabling the use of multi-touch screen technology in sports analysis across all the MT13 camps and courses transforming tactical discussions for coaching staff and players.

The benefits to MT13 are we can:

  • Plan individual and team tactics and deliver with simplicity using large format multi-screen displays.
  • Illustrate and explore different match scenarios using a range of on-screen tools allowing players to input test and discuss different on-ball and off-ball movement, approaches and strategies.
  • Save and easily recall scenarios allowing players to test and discuss different approaches and strategies
  • Import videos and images in seconds and use them to analyse and track the performance on-screen of either individual players or a team. We can zoom into detail, extract key moments as stills and annotate in real time.
  • We can also open and play multiple videos simultaneously to review and compare the action



Independent Coach Education