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‘Project MT’ is aimed at developing the next generation of talented hockey players. The project works across 2 age groups, 10-13 and 14-17. Each age group is be divided in to playing positions (gk’s, defenders, midfielders and forwards). During the project players are empowered with the qualities to be effective in their playing position by being exposed to a variety of coaches including some of those whom have themselves benefited from Matt’s coaching over the years and have now developed in to international players.

Each age group is restricted to 24 outfield players and 4 GK’s, allowing for game play to be built into the programme helping to identify development areas for each player.

Project MT includes:

– 6 Training Sessions per term

– Termly Reports including written and video feedback

– Specific line training groups

– Maximum of 8 players per line / per coach

– Physical Analysis and Training Programme’s written on the basis of the Analysis

– First refusal to MT13 Tours // MT13 Residential Camps and MT13 Indoor Residential Camp // Tour (Senior Age Group Only)

– First refusal for MT13 1-1 Sessions

Dates and Venues:

Repton School – Tuesday Evenings

19th September 2017
10th October 2017
24th October 2017
7th November 2017
28th November 2017
5th December 2017

Nottingham Hockey Centre – Wednesday Evenings

20th September 2017
11th October 2017
25th October 2017
8th November 2017
29th November 2017
6th December 2017



The next 6 session block of Project MT will be offered to the previous attendees first

Matt Taylor will head up all of the sessions but if for any reason he couldn’t a suitable replacement will be found.