Project MT - Oakham - U16s - Term 1

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£135 for 8 sessions

18:30 - 20:00

Dates & Venue:
Term 1:
Monday 14th September
Monday 21st September
Monday 28th September
Monday 5th October
1/2 term
Monday 9th November
Monday 16th November
Monday 23rd November
Monday 30th November

Oakham School, Kilburn Road, LE15 6DT


Become empowered with the qualities to be effective in your playing position in our specific line training groups (Goalkeeper’s, Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards) 
Regular feedback for development areas and goal setting
Learn from video analysis and feedback during training sessions
Introduced in 2019, Individual Training Diaries for players to complete on a daily basis and be reviewed by the MT13 Coaches at the end of the term's project
Enjoy the first refusal for future MT13 Tours, MT13 Residential Camps, 1 to 1 Sessions and Xmas indoor Camp
An MT13 coach will guide and advise on your progress throughout the term in conjunction with your player diary
Individual video analysis – using slow motion and diagram analysis in executing a particular skill
Training Programmes for the duration of the term
Technical Assessment – using the latest speed tests designed by Matt Taylor
U12 Tour; Holland Easter 2021*
U14 Tour; Holland Easter 2021*
U16 Tour; South Africa Summer 2021*

* Receive an early notification to book, tour price charged separately