Project MT - Trent College - Term 3

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£140 for 8 sessions

18:30 - 20:00

Outfield Players ONLY

Venue: Trent College


  • Become empowered with the qualities to be effective in your playing position in our specific line training groups (Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards)  
  • Regular feedback for development areas and goal setting 
  • Learn from video analysis and feedback during training sessions 
  • Introduced in 2019, Individual Training Diaries for players to complete on a daily basis and  be reviewed by the MT13 Coaches at the end of the term's project 
  • Enjoy the first refusal for future MT13 Tours, MT13 Residential Camps, 1 to 1 Sessions and Xmas indoor Camp
  • An MT13 coach will guide and advise on your progress throughout the term in conjunction with your player diary 
  • Individual video analysis – using slow motion and diagram analysis in executing a particular skill
  • Training Programmes for the duration of the term
  • Technical Assessment – using the latest speed tests designed by Matt Taylor