Remote Day Camps

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All days camps will follow structure of 18 minute rotation followed by a 2 minute drinks break before the next rotation.

Day Camps

Players will be grouped into nations before the camp and will take part in a variety of competitions throughout the day to decide on the winning nation. Players in the winning nation will all receive a prize.

The Day will consist of…


Morning Session

Registration 9.50-10am supported by Stick and Ball Skill School

Rotations include:

Warm Up – lockdown 3.0 specific warm up

Lower Body Workout – Incorporating ball movement in to a lower body workout

Ball Mastery - Letters and shape to aid ball control

Keep Up Challenge – Let’s get some fresh air outside

2D Eliminations – How to beat the opponent by keeping the ball on the floor

Passing Techniques – Walk throughs of how to execute the perfect technique


Afternoon Session

Stick & Ball Skill School

Rotations include:

Hockey Circuits – Reps: Stick and ball, Reps: Body, recovery, repeat…

3D Eliminations – How to beat the opponent by lifting the ball

Game Play – Online tactical analysis

Each Day will conclude with a Q&A Session with a current GB International


Price: £25 / Day